Best Grass Seed Reviews

Best Grass Seed Reviews

Not all grass seed is created equal. Many times we rely on price or brand recognition when it comes to picking out a seed. But those shouldn’t be the only determinants you consider when it comes to sowing the seeds for a new lawn.

Some seed will give you a greener lawn. Other breeds are better for drought conditions while some are going to be able to stand up against disease and insects better. It’s estimated that 30 new varieties of grass seeds are introduced each year. It can be difficult to figure out what’s best for you, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

So how do you pick the best for your needs? Your budget should be a factor, but not the only one when it comes to picking seed. The conditions in your region are important. How much sun does the area receive? Consider how much rain your region usually receives too. How long do the warmer temperatures stick around? All of these weather factors are important.

Other issues include site use and intended purpose. Will this be for a peaceful lawn in the suburbs or will there be children tromping about on it playing soccer, tag, and other summertime games?

When in doubt, ask around. Find lawns in your community that you enjoy. Ask the homeowner what kind of seed they’ve used and find out how hard it is to maintain that look. Besides being a labor of love, keeping up a great looking lawn may require extra cash. Understand the commitments involved before investing in that new look for your landscape.

Professional landscapers and lawn companies can also offer some insight into what’s best for your area. But don’t get too wrapped up in recommendations, keeping in mind that they’re running a business and are likely hoping you’ll use them to do the job. A more partisan suggestion may come from your favorite home improvement store’s lawn care section.

The Internet is an excellent means for reviews on grass seed and other lawn maintenance concerns. There are videos that offer the best techniques for sowing seeds as well as how to nurture and maintain a lawn once it starts sprouting. But be leery of which sites you’re visiting as many of these are sponsored and the “author” might be more interested in making a sale than ensuring your lawn is lush and green when Spring arrives.